Why Vintage?

Showcasing your style is a completely individualizing experience.  It allows you to stand out.  It gives others a glimpse of what you’re into and what you appreciate.  And it can be a great talking piece.  My first vintage item was a grey with 3/4 (blue!) sleeve Journey t-shirt from 1983.  On the back, it listed their tour dates and cities for that year.  The front had a futuristic design.  I loved their music, like many people did and still do.  Nobody I knew had a shirt like this.  It was unapologetically 80s and reflected a time that was a distant memory to most.  People always asked where I got the shirt or commented that they once had one like it.  It got a bit of attention.  I never wore it for that reason.  I simply like the shirt and the nostalgia it brought.  I could tell that it brought old feelings and memories to the people that asked about it. To me, it felt like stepping back in a time that I hadn’t had the opportunity to live.


The memories and feelings a piece can evoke in people is truly amazing.  Our memories live forever, but often get backlogged in our day-to-day busyness.  Wearing a piece of history is like carrying a piece of it forward in time.  It’s almost like stepping out of a time machine when you choose to wear vintage.  We hope you enjoy browsing our selection and I hope you find something that suits your tastes.  We are constantly bringing in new and unique inventory, so check back often!