How to Be Sure Your Vintage Polo isn't Fake

Polo by Ralph Lauren might be one of the most popular clothing brands in the world.  With it's iconic logo, it is recognized for it's classic style and quality.  It's also one of the most copied brands, and there are plenty of fakes out there.  Here's what you need to watch out for when shopping.

Check the Logo

Get familiar with polo pony embroidered on the front of the shirt.  On a fake, the mallet will be more circular than rectangular.  The tail will be difficult to see and the horse's right back leg will be bent. On a genuine product, the horse's tail is clearly visible and the right back leg is straight. You should also be able to clearly see the outline of the rider's leg. On replicas, the leg often lacks definition.

Check the Stitching

Turn your t-shirt inside out and examine the stitching on the bottom. A genuine Ralph Lauren should have one thin line of even stitching running along the bottom of the shirt. No stitching, or jagged and uneven stitching, indicates your product is fake.

Check the Tag on the Collar

All Ralph Lauren products have labels under the collar indicating the size. The main collar label contains the Ralph Lauren logo and, to the right, a small tag is sticking out with the size written on it. If there is not a separate size label, the product is likely fake. The font should also be easily legible without misspellings. In addition to this, stitching along the collar should be the same color as the shirt.

Check the Hem

Lay your shirt down on a flat surface. The back hemline should be slightly longer than the front hemline. Hemlines of equal length, or a front hemline that's longer than the back, indicate a fake product.

When you shop with Lhük, you can shop with complete confidence.  All of our polos have been carefully curated and inspected for quality and authenticity.